Daisy: “Flourishing Love”


Create your own Custom Wedding Cake Charm Set with our Individual Cake Pulls ~

Our Wedding Cake Charms or Bridesmaid Cake Pulls are sold individually as well. You can design your own Custom Set of Wedding Cake Charms. Choose from over 30+ Wedding Cake Pulls listed below. The cake charms have a silver finish and are attached to a white satin ribbon. Each charm comes with individual cards with the name of each charm and the meaning. Our wedding cake charm sets also comes with a large card that explains the Victorian Wedding Tradition as well as individual organza keepsake bags for each charm so that the bridesmaids can have an elegant way to store their keepsake cake charm.

– Individual Silver Finished Charms
– Boxed Set with a Large Card that explains the Victorian Tradition
– Silver Finished Charm – Comes assembled with white satin ribbon (approximately 36″ long)
– Individual Cards with the Name and Meaning of each Charm
– Comes with white organza keepsake bag
Choose from the following Individual Wedding Cake Charms:

1. Heart with Key: “The Key to Happiness Awaits”
2. Pineapple: “Welcoming Heart”
3. Money Tree: “Wealth & Prosperity”
4. Four leaf clover & Horseshoe: “Lucky in Life”
5. Pacifier: “Blessed with Children”
6. Globe with Airplane: “Travel & Adventure”
7. Genie Lamp: “A Wish will be Granted”
8. Frog: “You will Kiss a Prince”
9. Flower Bouquet: “Blossoming Relationship”
10. Home Sweet Home: “Happy Home”
11. Anchor: “Hope”
12. Mirror: “Life of Beauty”
13. Daisy: “Flourishing Love”
14. Baby: “Delivery from the Stork”
15. Wedding Bells: “Next to be Engaged”
16. Carousel Horse: “Life of Fantasy”
17. Bride & Groom: “Blushing Bride”
18. Diamond Ring: “Married Soon”
19. Love with Heart: “You will find your Soul Mate”
20. Wedding Cake: “Happy Family & Marriage”
21. Just Married: “Eloping Soon”
22. Wedding Album: “Take a trip down Memory Lane”
23. Ships Wheel: “Journey Ahead”
24. Fleur de Lis: “Peace and Purity”
25. Cross: “Spiritual Strength”
26. Butterfly: “Profound change is around the corner”
27. Umbrella: “You will be showered with Love”
28. Turtle: “Good Health & Happy Life”
29. Seahorse: “You will glide through life happily”
30. Suitcase: “You will begin a new chapter in life”
31. Palm Tree: “Will move to Islands”
32. Wedding Bells: “Wedding Bells are in Future”
33. Cupid: “Kissed by Cupid Soon”
34. Dragonfly: “Wisdom, Light & Joy will come into your Life ”

We will do our best to accommodate your needs and will contact you if any substitutions need to be made based on availability.

Please e-mail or call with any questions or concerns.